Here are a few announcements.

There are four Matinée performances this year: December 5, 12, 19, & 24th. The dates for these are rendered in that very Victorian colour, mauve. It seems in keeping with the spirit of Mr. Dickens’ story to make the show accessible to all so

I’m doing two runs at Toronto’s Red Sandcastle Theatre this year December 7 – 12, & 21 – 24th. This is only the second time in 30 years I’ve done a Christmas Eve Matinée. It’s a privilege to perform Mr. Dickens’s famous story upon the day on which it opens.

Abby Zotz of the MadriGALS will be accompanying Mr. Dickens on the 24th & several other shows, with a variety of Yuletide songs, comic, sacred, & festive, you won’t have heard a hundred times since Hallowe’en.

All my 2021 venues are practising social distancing. In most cases this means lowered capacity. Book early & avoid disappointment. I have also kept prices at pre–COVID levels where possible.

I have tried to ensure the accuracy of this information, but please be certain to contact venues to confirm times, prices and of any COVID preventative measures they may have in place.